Facebook Applications for Bloggers

Below I grouped some of the obligatory Facebook application that each blogger, most useful application for updating the status of other social networking through Facebook application, and some you can use as the easiest way to a campaign blog.

You must already know Twitter, with the availability of applied Facebook Twitter this means easier for you to update your Twitter status. Basically every time you perform the update via twitter then automatically direct the message will be imported as a new status on facebook.

Networks Blogs
You can promote your blog in Facebook through the application NetworkedBlogs. NetworkedBlogs is a blogger community for those who love the blog. Join now to add your blog, and join with other bloggers who have similar interests with you.

Friend Feed
You may already be familiar with Friend Feed. Once you setup your profile on Friendfeed service feeds correctly, you can update the status and content from multiple sources into one location. And allows you to perform all the status of import into Facebook Profile!

Ping.fm allows you to perform actions such as update status through the application Ping.fm. I will not describe at length this service because you may also have tried.

With Facebook Notes, you can share your life story with your friends through written form. You can indicate your friends in notes, and they can give comments on it. Notes application that displays a few last notes written by your friends, note which of your friends have marked, and links to your notes.


The concept behind Blogvote very simple, you just browse through the various blogs that have been proposed and evaluated their quality on a scale of 1 to 5. You can see some blogs with a ranking teatas, commented on the blog and, of course, possible to send your own blog.

HTML Profile Box

Put the HTML code on your personal profile! You can use the text format to bold, italic, underlined, colored, add background color, use different fonts, font size, insert tables, images, links etc.. Obviously you can do anything you normally do with HTML!

My Stuff
My Stuff is almost the same as HTML Profile Box application above, but this application is very limited and fairly simple.

RSS Share
Facebook itself actually allows us to import RSS feeds pass through the Notes application, but if you want to try other applications, RSS Share may be an option.

Social RSS
Social RSS allows you to add RSS feeds to your facebook profile page, there are 2 options tab box or a special tab on your personal page or on your Facebook Page. RSS diiperbarui you will automatically and allows your readers to subscribe to the feed you if they want it!

Mirror Blog
Mirror Blog is an application that allows you to Share RSS Feeds. This application can also be used to write a blog post through facebook, unfortunately, this application requires us to save your username and password, this is what makes me less comfortable using it.

Please try all of applications above, may be useful for us :)

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