Make Money by Selling Your Blog

how to selling your blog onlineBlog, if managed with a sense of serious ... of course will make money. Because we can promote your products / advertising on blogs, which when viewed visitors and interested to buy the course will provide revenue for the blog owner.

But there was one more way to make money with blogs, which is selling blogs.
Since many companies really do not want to invest the time to develop a blog. They want a blog that is productive, traffic / high traffic .... And ready to use to promote their business.

Thus, actually created an opportunity to sell the blog and if you are interested to sell the blog, there are some things you should consider ... so you ogled the blog and are interested to buy it.

Among them:

1. Use top-level domain
Use a domain and hosting paid. Usually they are / the company is less interested in the domain and hosting free, ... .. blog unless you already have a very high traffic, might make them interested.
2. Professional appearance
Web site or blog you must have a professional appearance. Customize your template / theme with the readers of blogs / market. Poor web design graphic will reduce the interest of prospective buyers. Like if you offer a used car, the paint would dull and reduce interest costs.
3. Develop a source of traffic / visits
Potential buyers want to see the traffic requests. When someone comes to buy your blogs, they want to see more than just the present. They want to see the traffic that will come for a few months and years to come. Without a lot of work if they can get.
4. Document Traffic Statistics
You at least need at least three months history of actual traffic statistics. Unique visitors, tracking cookie info if you have one, Google Analytics, etc. Numbers, numbers, numbers. The company wants rates to convince the board of directors that your blog would make their investments. Investors want to know exactly what they buy, about the actual traffic blogs.
5. Set your price
Determine the appropriate price for your blog, look at the statistics available, so the bid price estimate obtained
6. Use the agent / broker
Nothing wrong with using a broker service, use the existing broker sites ... which can estimate the real price of your blog and find prospective buyers.

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