Some Tips to Make High Quality Blog

Some Tips about how to Make High Quality BlogTo make your blog quality is not too difficult, just takes time and a good knowledge about the topics you will write in your article.

When I started blogging on this blog, I long to write it, the important is just post my article first. And the result of this blog wants to be is not clear where and I confuse what the topic that I choose. Then I began to focus attention on a few topics, I find references to my focus. And after I decided, just beginning to feel good for blogging. But I can convey here is the update on your knowledge about the topic you choose for your blog.
So what sich most important factor to create a high quality blog with version of rezafauzi.com?

1. The Original content
Write an article about a topic you understand well enough that you can provide as much information as possible. You will only result in poor quality articles if you're going to write about something that you do not understand and maybe you did not do.

2. Frequency
Write at least one interesting articles every day, so the reader can see that you regularly do post content quality. It's better to write one article a day instead of writing 10 posts in one day, then do not write anything for a week. These habits will help you to increase the number of readers quickly and to maintain communication with the reader.

3. Write your own content
I often come and take the content from the popular blog, change it a little and finally posting a new article. This "forced" to do if I do not really have an idea for writing. Because this will not help to get new readers. It would be better if you can write about anything you see on other blogs, and give credit (review) to the author, and in this case you will assist the first blog than your blog. This is much more "civilized" and you can also get a quality backlinks.

4. Protect your blog from Spam
Do not provide spam and do not receive a review for a low quality web sites.

5. Make it easy posts Read
Maintain a clear layout and simple. White background is always better than a dark background, because the cause is much easier to read. Use a simple layout and clean. Do not fill every empty space of your blog with ads.

6. Interacting with your readers
Ask your readers what they think about something you wrote. And answer every comment from your readers. I'm not going back to a blog, if when I ask a question to the writer and not answered. Or when I commented on a blog, then the blog owner does not come back to our blog.

7. Show Your Personality
If you write an article about something, you write from your perspective. Do not be angry if some readers will disagree with you. Discuss about it, listen to your readers and learn from the tips they provide.

8. Have fun
If you do not like blogging and you can not have fun with blogging, do not do it. I think of blogging as a hobby and I have fun by practicing one of my hobbies. If we do something with "happy hearts" ... the money will come naturally to you.

Consider point number 6 (to interact with readers), what do you think about these tips?

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  1. that's right, blogging with fun and be your self ...

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