5 Mistakes Made by Beginner Bloggers

Blog is no longer a new thing for most people, and true or not blogs have become part of lifestyle for some people. They create a blog to satisfy their hobby or to earn money.
But for most bloggers who are just entering the world atmosphere of this blog certainly made some mistakes which is often done, so for my friend who still use it early and are busy blog-fun make sure this mistake does not happen to my friend.

1. Never felt satisfied with the TEMPLATE.

Yes, and this is what happened with me at the beginning of time knew the blog. Lots of free templates out there beredaran. The design is also very beautiful, but be careful, determine which template to use my friend. Do not often change the template, when to write on the blog if you are too often change the template?

2. Addicted to Statistics Blog.

Statistics are usually posted on his blog to know how to blog, whether or not selling visitors, how many visitors each day, de el el.

For the experienced would probably act differently when viewing statistics for their blogs, if you decline he will rise and make their blogs more popular. But what if the newly created blog trus 1 the first day he immediately see the statistics? Check again 2 hours later, no change. Walk a week may already have their blogs on the list DELETE BLOG.

So let statistics become what it is, let aja doing his job, pal task is how to attract visitors to the blog buddies.

3. Not consistent for posting.

In the early days it must have deh blog posts banged diligent, maybe one day can make aja 5 to 10 posts. (Back to the stats) If no changes more and more sluggish, until maybe in 1 month 1 time only post. Do not expect visitors to come, then "be a strong man, and do it continuously".

4. Copas (copy paste), was really doing Copas.

Probably the first time I wrote for blog blog buddy did not think it will be taken where, so that any articles in there and the article does not care about anyone still wrote in over there.

Be careful, blog buddies could be given the title artisans Copas by Google because Google keeps records on every article, so the date that he first came out that had original article. Others, Copas ...

5. Do not want to read.

Good writing must be written by a good reader. So if you want to write an article pal pal own original good quality, so diligent, industrious to blogwalking, give comments. Comments indicate if my friend really read and also as a practice of writing something of quality.

6. Doing all the above errors.

Hhe, but I say this is the worst mistake ever. All errors in summarizing a 1 and done everything. Okay, your blog may well wrote ...

All of the above mistakes are things that ever happened to me, yes it is a personal experience that I try to share to all the buddies. Nge-Blog emang not easy, but it is very easy. So "just do it".

Source: http://www.dindingcoret.com/2010/03/5-kesalahan-blogger-pemula-wajib-baca.html

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  1. betul banget,, gag pernah puas dengan template ;)

  2. Than you for your this. Helpfully to me: newbie blogger :)

  3. Hey great post. I did few of the same mistakes when I blogged first time. That time I searched a lot but dint get anything like your post :( anyway now your post will help a lot to newbies. :)

  4. 2 dan 4 itu kesalahan yang mengganggu banget :))

    Dan yang lebih mengganggu nya lagi, sudah 5 blog saya dapatkan (tapi bukan blog anda ya),

    Menterjemahkan artikel indonesia ke bahasa inggris menggunakan Google Translate mentah-mentah. Akibatnya, bahasa inggrisnya kacau balau hancur2an :))

  5. Wow this is a great post. I am new here and I am thankful to you at least I will not do any such mistake. :)

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