Street Closings of Cooper River Bridge Run 2010

The 2010 Cooper River Bridge Run will happen tomorrow, Saturday, March 27 in Charleston, SC at 8:00 am. Cooper River Bridge Run: Street /Road Closures. Ravenel Bridge closes at 7 am (in BOTH directions!)
1.Meeting Street between George and Wentworth will be closed Friday, March 26th at 10 PM. The Northbound Lane of Meeting Street from George to Calhoun will remain open until 5AM; the southbound lane of Meeting Street from George to Calhoun will be closed for all traffic.

2.George Street between Meeting & Anson Street will be closed at 8PM on Friday, March 26th until 2 PM
Saturday, March 27th .

3.Calhoun Street, between King & East Bay Street will be closed on Saturday, March 27th at 5 AM. Calhoun Street will be closed until the participants are in a manageable location & out of the roadways, hopefully by 1 PM. Traffic will be controlled for bus loading only & may open earlier to public if possible.

5.Arthur Ravenel Bridge Bicycle Lane will be closed at 6:30AM to clear the bridge of pedestrian traffic until the Bridge re-opens for traffic.

4.Meeting Street between Calhoun & John will be closed to through traffic at 4AM to permit for festival setup.


6.The Race Route & arterial support streets will be closed at 7 AM until the participants are done & the roadways are cleaned. The entire Arthur Ravenel Bridge will be closed until the participants have cleared the bridge, support staff removed, barricades removed, & the bridge cleaned of any debris.

Runners & walkers will be allowed to park their vehicle overnight on Friday, March 26th to 2 PM Saturday, March 27th.
-City Parking Garage Special Rates for Participants – rates $5
-Visitor’s Center Parking Garage
-Aquarium Garage on Calhoun Street
-Gaillard Auditorium Parking Garage (Special Note – the fee will be collected at the garage on entering the facility)

The winners of the prestigious Boston Marathon & New York City Marathon — the Super Bowl & World Series of American walking — win $150,000 & $130,000, respectively. & a major prerequisite often is being raised in the rift valley of Kenya.

In the world of professional sports, walking is not lucrative.

Ever since the Cooper River Bridge Run & Walk beginning offering prize money & inviting elite athletes to race, it's been dominated by Kenyans & Ethiopians & bypassed by lots of elite American runners.

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