Mybb Plugin: Mobile MyBB

After a few days I look for ways to create a forum with "MyBB platform" that can be opened via a mobile browser, I finally found a nice plugin and very good for my desire to create a mobile version of MyBB forums. The plugin is named GOMOBILE, as the name suggests, this plugin can analyze the browsers used by visitors, when our visitors use a mobile browser, the plugin will divert it to the mobile version is easy to open and save money when a visitor opens our forums.

Previously, we know a few plugins that can be used to mobilize our MyBB forum. But most of these plugins can only be used by visitors to view archived on our forum, can not make a post, login, and register. But this plugin different from any other plugin. Visitors can make a post, login, and sign up for our MyBB forum.

If you want to create a forum using MyBB platform and is very mobile friendly, you can download the plugin by clicking here. For how to install, please read the instructions contained therein.

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  1. nice inpo sobb...berkunjung pagiii...and tetap semangat

  2. Saya mah ikut nonton TVnya aza ah hehe...

  3. plugin converter for mobile ya? keren nih, makasih sharenya :)

  4. izin coba dan izin download mas admin,...


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