CintaNotes: The Portable Personal Notes Manager

CintaNotes is not meant as a Note of Love, this is an application "Portable Personal notes management", allows you to store important information in the form of short notes, it could have been a quote articles, important news, thoughts / ideas, favorite websites or anything what you feel is important for your note today. Also you can embed the URL and tag information for each record you make, this is one way to help you remember them all at once lets you conduct searches.

free donwnload cintanotes the portable personal notes manager

Currently there are 2 options Cintanotes version that you can use, the desktop version (install) and a portable version (without installation) that allows you to save into the flash drive and ready to take it anywhere there. True to its name "CintaNotes" does not rule you can also record anything about love:), well it's up to you ...

CintaNotes Beta Download (576 Kb) | Download portable version (410 Kb)

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