Free Download Favicon Generator!!

Favicon Generator allows you to create icons for your favorite sites. Favicon Generator allows you to upload images with a very simple format of JPG, PNG, GIF, or BMP, and this tool will convert it to ICO standat file that you can download.
Favicons Generator can create a small file icon with a size of about 16 x 16 which is displayed next to the URL of your site in the browser address bar. In addition, the icons are often displayed next to your site name on the list of users of open tabs and the list of bookmarks that make it look easy for users to identify among other sites.
Although there are many modern web browsers that support favicons usually stored as GIF, PNG file formats or all the other versions, but in Internet Explorer still requires favicons to be stored as a file ICO (Microsoft icon format). Favicon Generator supports an easy way to convert various file formats PNG, GIF, or JPEG to ICO supported by all modern web browsers. Favicon Generator also allows you to create favicons from the beginning through the online editor.

Free Download Favicon Generator

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