Germany Women, "Reading Al-Fatihah, My heart Pounding very Fast"

Khadija Acuna Pihan, Germany women are doing Syahada in 2005. The choice to become a Muslim made ​​her have to "lose" an entire family who can not accept Islam. However, he believes, one day Allah will restore her family and understand why he chose to convert to Islam.

"Islam is the path of truth that I will live. Now, every time I prayed, I felt like I was talking to God, and God is listening to me," said Pihan started the story at the beginning he became a Muslim.

He said Islam is the only religion that has a clear doctrine. "Anyone who reads the Qur'an with his heart, will find a religion that bright. I believe that there is only one God and I am happy to find my way with him. I'm sure you've done the right thing with Islam. I'm grateful, God led me to the right path, "said Pihan who chose the name of Islam, Khadija after Shahada.

Pihan Acuna was born and raised in Christian doctrine. She and her family a churchgoer. However, when it comes to church and hear the story of preacher that Jesus was the son of God, always crossed in mind Pihan why this minister talk like that and Pihan not want to hear it.

"I read a prayer that I learned since I was 7 years old. But I feel that nobody listened to my prayer, even Jesus. Why do these people come to church and after that the men went to a restaurant to drink liquor, and women quarrel with them because the home in a drunken state. Is this Christianity? " Pihan asked.

Pihan'm sure there are other things that religion teaches. He also studied various religions. "A lot of strange agaman. People worship Buddha as a God or worship the sun, cows, flowers, even the devil. Such a thing is not my religion," Pihan mind at the time.

He then found a book about the Prophet Muhammad. and knowing how the Prophet. spread the religion of Islam and how dangerous it is to live as a Muslim at that time. Pihan also read the life history of Prophet Muhammad, from the genealogy of his family, his home life and who his wives.

"I can not stop reading the book, so I read all the books in one day. The book I read tells about the holy book the Quran contains the words of God and my curiosity about the Quran they emerge," Pihan said.

"When I read surah Al-Fatihah, my heart thumping great. I read the other letters and reassures me when I read it. When I read the letters of Mary and find out what is written in that letter, I so understand why I can not believe what she had said to the pastor at the church, "he said.

He continued, "In Christianity, we learn that Jesus is the son of God and we must pray to him. That's what we've done so far. Then, I read the Quran that he was already thousands of years, and it is always the same that Jesus was a prophet like Prophet Muhammad and other prophets. Quran also states that God has no children and we are forbidden to worship another God except Allah. "

The words in the Quran that makes Pihan turning to Islam. In addition, make sure that the Quran, the holy book even though it was thousands of years old, it has not changed. Unlike the scriptures of Christians, We are the Old Testament it is different from the New Testament, whereas in Christianity says that God mengatkan "Do not change my words unless I command you change it."

"Christian has 10 sacred teachings. One is forbidden to kill human beings. But when the Christians came to South America, they killed many Indians because the Indians refused to convert to Christianity. The same is done Christians in Africa , "said Pihan.

"So, how do they teach us not to kill, if they themselves killed. All of that makes me want to convert. I'm tired of lies I found Christianity and Islam the only religion that has the clear teachings ..."

"Islam brings back the freedom in my soul and I am happy since my initial conversion to Islam. Islam is my life. Without Islam I am nothing, and if Allah turned His face, I could not live," said Pihan.

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