Low Blood Pressure, Egypt's Prime Minister was rushed to hospital

Prime Minister of Egypt, Essam Sharaf, was admitted to hospital in Cairo on Monday (18 / 7), suffering from low blood pressure. But, Sharaf in stable condition.

Sharaf is undergoing a cabinet reshuffle demanded by the demonstrators who gathered at the Roundabout At-Tahrir in the Egyptian capital, Cairo. Cabinet reshuffle was designed to appease protesters who demanded the action of economic and political reforms. Protesters, who had gathered at the Roundabout At-Tahrir since July 9, Hosni Mubarak also demanded immediate trial.

Some sources say Sharaf taken to the Hospital Dar Al-Fouad, Cairo. "His condition is stable," a source told Reuters.

As quoted by the official Egyptian news agency "MENA", said cabinet spokesman Sharaf had undergone a medical examination after he left office on Monday night. The conditions in a totally exhausted after a day face a daunting task.

Sharaf (59) to undergo examination because his blood pressure plummeted. ''But, he later left the hospital,''the spokesman said.

While the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mansour el-Essawy, expected to maintain his position. Police, who were under his ministry, has been the main target of protesters due to the adoption of harsh tactics during and after the action overthrow Mubarak.

Some protesters welcomed the actions of al-Essawy police officer fired two weeks ago. Meanwhile, others say he has not done enough.

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