U.S. Envoy Met with Qaddafi Admitted

Some U.S. officials have met with representatives of Moammar Qaddafi. The meeting was to convey the message that the Libyan leader who fought it must resign.

''The meeting was held to convey a clear and unequivocal message that the only way forward is backward Qaddafi,''strictly a U.S. State Department official. "It's not a conversation. That message delivery."

The meeting occurred on Saturday (16 / 7) and involves the assistant Secretary Jeff Feltman and two other senior U.S. officials. A senior U.S. official declined to say where the meeting took place or who will represent the Qaddafi government.

The meeting following the U.S. decision to formally recognize the National Transitional Council rebels based in Benghazi Libya as a legitimate interim government. The move will probably help the opening of billions of dollars of frozen funds. Rebel forces had desperately asked for funds.

U.S. officials said the meeting was initiated after repeated contacts of representatives of the Qaddafi indicating that Tripoli had asked about Washington's attitude. "A number of senior officials Qaddafi regime within a few weeks has repeatedly called a senior official in the U.S.,''he said.

Washington decided to meet directly with representatives of the Qaddafi after consultation with the rebels Libya and other countries in the international alliance against Qaddafi.

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