4 Reasons Why You Must Answer Any Comments on Your Blog

If you make a post, you must expect a lot of your blog readers who commented on the post. Similarly, you do presentations in front of the crowd and hope that your presentation be noted and well understood. However, a presentation will not mean anything if you ignore any comments from your audience. Similarly, comments on your blog post, you have to answer such comments. Most bloggers are not groundless have time to answer your comments. But if you keep grounded with it, then forever you will not have time to reply to comments. Spend 10 minutes every day to reply to comments that come to your blog. With the reply to these comments, you will get many benefits as I will describe below.

Encourage others to comment
Usually a person after putting comments will go directly. But the reply to these comments, others will not hesitate to go back to your blog and leave more comments.

Add the quality of your post
By making children's comments and did some small talk with your blog visitors will add to the overall quality of your content. Some minor points were missed will usually be more easily revealed in this conversation. That way, visitors who just came to your blog will feel fortunate to get a quality and complete information.

Can help your SEO activity
By doing a little conversation in the comments section post will indirectly help your SEO activities. Because in these comments that your keywords will definitely shoot up more because it is used by many people. With so search engines will easily bring up your blog content if you put your keywords in the search box viewfinder.

Adding the trust from others towards you
Create reply comment, can increase your trust in the eyes of others. Your blog visitors will assume that you are truly expert in your niche blog. This will build your brand and your credibility in the eyes of others will be stronger.
In addition the number of comments you will also be doubled. For example like this, you have 15 comments on your posts, if all these comments you respond, then you will have 30 comments. Of course this is something that appeals to every new person who visits your blog because the number of comments so much.

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  1. Now, I'm using Disqus blog comment form for attract more commentator on my blog. Thanks :D

  2. i do agree with this article and we can feel intimacy by doing so

  3. it takes time, but it seems it is a consequence of the bloggers

  4. yES It is a must for us to consider and reply the comments in our blog for interacting and good relation among bloggers


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