Battle for the City of Birth Qaddafi, Sirte

Libyan rebel forces on Friday (26 / 8) moving into the hometown of the country's ruler, Muammar Qaddafi. Sirte town located about 400 kilometers east of Tripoli. Rebels take into account will be fierce resistance from pro-government forces and tribal forces. A rebel spokesman said, behind the battle they also seek to force Qaddafi to give up in order to avoid bloodshed as happened in Tripoli.

They appealed to citizens Sirte, Libya to accept change in a peaceful manner. Transitional Council of Libya before promising not to punish all the soldiers and volunteers who fought for Qaddafi, when they laid down their arms. Vengeance will not be implemented.

British warplanes on Friday also launched attacks on military facilities around the Sirte. Several rockets were fired into a large bunker at the headquarters of the government forces, said a spokesman for the British air force, Maj. Gen. Nick Pope.

UK Defence Secretary Liam Fox said in London, supporting Qaddafi still in Sirte to continue waging war against the Libyans. In addition NATO fighter jets, according to his own offensive on 29 vehicles near Sirte. NATO states, which became the target vehicle transporting weapons.

While the streets of Tripoli are relatively quiet, the battle for Tripoli airport continues. Most of the area airports controlled by rebels. Sathi rebel commander declared Shneibi. However, from a base under the command of Qaddafi's son Chamis, the airport was still pinned down by grenades.

In a statement announcing that NATO warplanes returned to this military alliance seranngan air deterrent upper position near Tripoli. Residents of Tripoli said that the NATO bombing during the night. While the fate of Qaddafi and his whereabouts are still not well known.

Special rebel soldiers are now looking for Qaddafi, said a rebel officer, Hisham Buhagiar. Qaddafi sought in all areas Tripolis. Rebels provide two million dollar prize money for people who find it.

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  1. Very worrying to see these events. Why fight? And peace will be very enjoyable.


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