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I mentioned on my last post Different Direct Ways to Make Money With Your Blog about sites that pay you to blog and promised everyone that I would do a special list for everyone. For those who were waiting here it is:

Requirements for your blog to be accepted is that it must at be least online for already 90 days and with 20 pre-existing posts. They allow blogs that are hosted by blogger but not the ones hosted on BlogCharm, BloggerParty, WritingUp or some other sites which are like the ones mentioned.
Method of payment is through Paypal. For those who do not know about Paypal. Please check their website at paypal.com and register at the same time.


Requirements for your blog to get accepted is that it must have a decent amount of traffic and it must be indexed by major search engines Google and Yahoo. Blogs must also be at least 90 days old, just like PayPerPost and your blog must have at least 3 new posts every week.
Payment method is fixed at $5 per post and payment is sent on a weekly basis still via PayPal. If you think that the payment is really low for your liking, just remember that the 5 dollars you earn for each post does add up & the mere fact that they pay every week is a very big advantage for everyone. Good for small blogs, if you have already an well established one, just skip on to the newer programs.
These are just some of the sites, if you want to meet more of them Click on the link below.

Your blog must be more than 30 days if you want to send an application. If you apply to Blogsvertise, there are 3 ways where your blog could end up. Its either get accepted, rejected or placed on probation status. Probation status would mean lower payment for reviews but you could still have them.
Tasks are sent to you by email so you don’t have to look for advertisers. They have a system that hands out the tasks. You need to check your email regularly as you are only given 5 days to finish the tasks sent to you. Really really convenient and very good for people who doesn’t like to look for advertisers.
A Blogsvertise sponsored post can be seen here.
Payments are made after 30 days and the approval of the assigned tasks. Method is still via Paypal.
After sending an application please take note that you will not get any reply from them if you get rejected. They still have requirements for the blogs to get accepted but the site did not disclose how they select the blogs.
Payments are sent after a couple of weeks and still still via Paypal.
Your blog must be at least 60 days old and is posted at regularly. Other than that, they do not have any other requirements as their advertisers also set individual requirements. You get $5 for each post so this site is good for small blogs who are just starting on monetizing their blogs.
Payments are sent between the 1st and 5th day of each month for posts that are approved from the 1st and 20th day of the last month. (sounds a little confusing lol)

They have no mentioned requirements for blogs to get accepted. I think what they are after is just a decent content on your blog and a good number of visitors to boot. To give you an idea, you could check out this blog. It got accepted on SponsoredReviews when it was still only a month old.
I really enjoy going into this get paid to blog site because you get to bid for your reviews. Advertisers set a price range and bloggers get to send offers for their services to the advertisers. After sending the offers, the advertisers could also send a counter offer and it is now up to the publisher if he/she still wants to do the review.
An example of a SponsoredReviews.com sponsored post can be found here.
Payment are sent a couple of weeks after the approval of the post.

One of the most strict program on this list. For you to get accepted you need to pass a lot of requirements. Your blog must be indexed by Google and Yahoo. It must be at least 3 months or 90 days old and should be updated at least twice per week.
You get to a minimum of $6 for your posts. With a high PR blog, your payment might be higher. Payments are sent weekly by paypal.

The program that the ever famous John Chow uses on his blog. Their requirements are not disclosed but they do have set criterias, I think. :) It is mandatory to disclose that the blog is sponsored. Sponsored posts must be at least 200 words. Reviews may not contain affiliate links when linking back to the advertiser.
You can get paid via check (must be at least $25 though) or paypal (no minimum) and sent monthly.
Your blog needs to be cached in Google’s database. Your blog won’t be approved if your blog has no PageRank and has a low Alexa ranking. This program has a very unique attribute to it. Its up to you if you like it or not. You don’t have to write the reviews yourself. All you have to do is to copy and paste a review on your blog but you can also write the blog yourself, if you want to. One thing to note is that you only have a limit of 3 assignments per month.
Payment are also sent weekly by paypal.
I did not find any requirement for your blog to get accepted. I would assume some, a decent number of visitors and PR would greatly benefit your application.
For an example of a bloggewave paid post, click here.
At minimum, you can earn a dollar for each post. That is the lowest one in all of the sites on this list. Payment is by paypal. They had some problems with PayPal before but all is fine now.
There are a lot of money making opportunities with LinkWorth and paying of a post in your blog is just one them. Check their site out for more details.
You can get the payments through Paypal, cheque, direct deposit or wire. Thats a lot of options. :)
Just like the others, especially the big names on this list. They require your blog to be at least 90 days old and should be updated at least twice in a week.
Payments are sent every week.

You need to have Wordpress blog that is hosted on your own webhost and domain. That pretty much erases a big chunk of competition. :)
Payments are sent monthly via paypal but you need to accumulate a minimum of $10 to avail for a payout.
That is all that we have for this post. If you know more sites that pay bloggers to do posts for them, please feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll make sure to include them on the list.
Please stay tuned and make sure you are subscribed to JackBook dot com’s blog feed guys cause there will be more posts about the topic make money online on JackBook dot com from here on out. It’s about time you make money with your blogs, ayt?

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