Perhitungan Pendapatan di Yuwie

Ini saya copy dari blog saya yang lain...
This is the friendship network like FRIENDSTER, My Space, and the other. But did you know?? Friendster and MySpace got ''million'' dollars every years.. but they are not give money to their members. Just Yuwie who paying their members. Your earning suspend your pageview each you login and doing activities like give comments to your friends, upload your fotos, blogging and many more in Yuwie. You will be paid too if anyone read your blog, use your layout, giving you comments, and adding you as their friends. Lets go math! for example, if your pageviews in this month are 10.000 pageviews, you will get $ 0.50!! Not just it, you will get paid if you have many referrals at level 1 until level 10. It is easy to referred anyone! you just to put your ref link at your website and other. For earning example, you have 3 referals in 1st level, and their pageviews in this month are 1000 pageviews, it mean 3 x $ 0.05 (remember, you'll get $ 0.50 each 10.000 pageviews) and the result is $ 0.15, then each 1 get 3 referrals.

You have 9 referals in level 2, so 9 x 0.05= $ 0.45
You have 27 referals in level 3, it mean you get 27 x 0.02 (you have to know, your cut in level 1-2 is 10%, your cut in level 3-7 is 4%, your cut in level 8-9 is 10%,and your cut in level 10 is 30%!)= $ 0.54
You have 81 referrals in level 4 it mean you get 81 x 0.02=$ 1.62
You have 243 referals in level 5, so you'll get 243 x 0.02=$ 4.86
You have 729 ref in level 6, you get 729 x $ 0.02=$ 14.58
You have 2187 referals in level 7, you'll get $ 43.74
You have 6561 and 19683 referrals in level 8 and 9, you will get $ 1312.20
And last, you have 59049 referrals in level 10, so your incoming is $ 8,857.35!! Your potential earning is $ 10,235.49 each month!! Your earning will be paid through the check and paypal account. Lets joining Yuwie right now!!

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