Five Brilliant Ideas for Traffic Generation

The life of affiliate marketing business depends on traffic. No traffic, no site to exist. It will help you increase your click ratio and sales commissions. Here are the 5 ways to drive visitors to your website:
Blogging - like a web diary where you can write interesting articles for readers. The articles you made can be use to link your readers to your site also known as back links. Back links can help you to improve search engine ranking. Register one of your blogs on www.blogspot.com and Google will promote your blog in 2 days with RSS feeds to gain more traffic.
Forums – a fun way to promote your business where you can post questions and answers to learn a lot and help others. Advertisements are not allowed here but you can display your email signature every time you post.
Viral Marketing - one of the oldest and best forms of marketing. You can give away an e-book on your site and have a couple of links and a full-page ad in the back for your product or service. Grant permission to your readers to give away the book and see this promotion snowball.
Social Marketing – one good example is MySpace. Myspace is now being used as a popular way of marketing products and services.
Article Distribution - a powerful way to promote your business where you can write interesting and informative articles for your readers. It will bring many visitors to your site. If you want to save time, visit www.moreniche.com to get many resources including free weekly content that you can also use for your article distribution.

Avoiding Affiliate Scams
Affiliate marketing helps you in making your business profitable and fun at the same time. The key is choosing the right programs. You can benefit with the good programs either be involved with scams that will not pay you for your hardships and owe you the commission you deserve in the end.

How to avoid scams: The best way to avoid these scams, do your research well. Consider these points before joining:
1. Does the company have good support? Do they answer emails and have valid contact information?
2. Do they have a valid offline address?
3. What % of commission do they pay; 30%-50% is the best.
4. Tracking system - this should be in real time and accurate.
5. Products should be well targeted for your market and of good quality.

Where to research:
1. Forums related to your industry. There are many savvy people who use the forums for reference. You can ask advice from others base on the programs they use.
2. Discussion lists.
3. Look into the program carefully.
4. Put the company name, plus the word scam, into the search engines and see what comes up. Use your own judgment, as sometimes these reviews may not be 100% true.

GOLDEN RULE: Look before you join to prevent being victimized with these scams. It is advisable if you ask other people's opinions. Do not rush, choose good reliable programs wisely that will give you the profits you want for many years to come.
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