How to Choose Good Webhosting

Many of our colleagues (web developers and web designers) who crave a realiable webhosting and reliable. The claim in general they are looking for a good webhosting service, can be trusted, and affordable. This makes it easier to make my colleagues - all partners to find a good webhosting is.
In a good webhosting choose, there are several major requirements that must be fulfilled, these requirements are:
1. Service is good and can always be contacted.
2. Hardware support and network is good.

Why do we need to choose the support that has webhosting services that can always be contacted? This is especially important because, for example, on a when you need help setting up something for it on your site, you are sure to contact the support services, for example, although there are some things you can do through the interface that the customer service is generally provided by the webhosting. But not more fun if you answer the questions you answer is humane?

Hardware support and network is good? It is also important, because with the support of network hardware and the possibility that the failure of the site you will be very very minimal. The choice of a network that is both appropriate to the target visitors to your site:
* If the target visitors are usually outsiders who use webhosting have a great support network outside the country, while ..
* If the target visitor is a visitor in our country (example: Indonesia)then you try to select a webhosting that has a support network in the IIX, while in the selection network IIX try selecting a webhosting server has a network in two IIX, IIX network because we are very unique, divided into 2 sections, one telkom part and one part indosat, and both are up to at the time this can not connect directly.


  1. kalo saya..nyari yang layanan nya bagus dan cs nya gak sok sibuk

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