How to Pick the Domain Name for Your Website

Most Search Engines will read the URL and search for keywords within it. If your company has a web site with the domain name (domain name) 'businesspeople.com,' and want to find someone through a search engine for the word 'business people', the search engine will display a 'business-People.com' as a suitable word for word you mean. Because a central line (-) between the two display a word, search engines recognize the word as a separator. Search Engines also translate other characters such as dot, etc. that can be used as the separator between the words that one word with another. But not all of the punctuation marks can be used and received by the URL. If you use the underscore (_) or some other character, for example: (business_people.com, or businesspeople.com), then search engines will not be able to read the word in the URL.

For instance see the words below:
- Business-People.com
- Business.com
- Etc

You can not just mention your company name as a domain name, but you can also mention the name of the product you sell, for example:
- Best-handphone.com
- Bag.com
- Etc

Then, place the keywords in the domain name and separate the keywords by using the (-) to provide services that benefit a few. The advantage to add the line (-) next to the word, it is also relatively easy for a domain name eruption. Although, this looks more like the name of the good that ever before, you will easily bring a few phrases with the keywords, separated by the line.

Moreover, a search engine does not matter what level the primary domain that you use. Therefore, here you can use one of the following domain names:. Com,. Net,. Biz,. Tv, or etc.. Now, we want to convey our philosophy about the domain name. In the scope of the search engine optimization, this is a very popular way to use the (-) and keywords into your domain name, the most important factors when you determine your domain name:
1. A domain name must be short, easy to be spoken, and easy to remember.
2. In most cases, you must use version. Com for use as a domain name

The following types of extention type the domain name that is associated with the need:

International Domain:
- Com (commercial)
- Org (organization)
- Net (network)
- Info (information)
- Biz (business)

Indonesia local domain:
- Co.id (company)
- Org.id (organization)
- Ac.id (academic / university)
- Sch.id (school)
- Go.id (government)
- War.net.id (cafe)
- Web.id (free)

In Indonesia there are two types of domains, ie, local and international domains. Both types of domains are equally accessible and also the same speed. The different is if domain is ending with .id it shows that your site is located in Indonesia.
So, do not choose the wrong domain name for your web.


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