JS-kit Comment - The Alternative Systems Comments on Blogger

This time there is the alternative provided by the js-kit for the comment column in blogspot, quite practical and easy to be calculated. equipped with a photo from facebook as avatars, yahoo, and much more, if you have photos of all facebook, you can display it at the time you commented on the blog! curious?

The first step:

1. login you keblog
2. click layouts
3. click on edit html
4. edit html on the page you are in the command to download the template.
5. then save the document in the computer

Second step:

1. visit this web address: http://js-kit.com/comments/?wow
2. logo blogger note inside, and then click.
3. see instructions in step 1
4. enter your domain name example: http://yourdomain.blogspot.com then input your password and your blog.
And wait until finished..

three steps:

1. go to step2 and upload the template that you downloaded earlier
2. wait until the show finished and the command save.
3. after you save it, upload the results back from the file that you save from the js-kit to your blog, and then save again

Finished .. Please try :)


  1. Saya juga pake ini sudah agak lama sih...cuman agak sedikit repot karena kalau mau setting musti login ke js-kit...sejauh ini sih ok....

  2. aku bukan tipe orang yang sabaran.....
    instan aja

  3. wak.. itu kan bikin berat za.. udah gtu ribet lagi..

  4. Thanx for the info ya..


    Oia, salam kenal mas..

  5. The service seems lighter than intense debate which takes slightly longer to load than the rest of the blog. Facebook integration is very good, I think facebook will be the need Openid, you must get on board with this movement.

    alas, I still like intense debate for it’s community as well as comment system. Thanks for the post.


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