Fruit prevent premature aging

Along with the times, degeneration diseases such as decreased liver function, heart, kidney to descend more and more nervous. Pattern of life that is not healthy, balanced diet will increase the risk of a person stricken with these diseases.
Conversely, a healthy lifestyle will result in a healthy body, da fresh fit. If the body felt weak, tired and worn out certain activities will be disrupted and productivity declined.

Nutrition specialists from Siloam Hospital, Jakarta Dr. Samuel Oetoro, MS, Sp.GK say the public should be avoided. He said, if the first incidence of degenerative diseases occur only in the elderly, but now it has shifted. Many people in productive age who complained of various diseases.

"There are people who look old does not like the age, where it could happen because of default. Well, sepert state that is one example of premature aging degeneration disease, "said Oetoro.

This degeneration disease can be prevented by regulating the arrival of a healthy diet and consume the fruit because the fruit of one function is to prevent the process of human organ dysfunction.

Not hard to find and consume the fruit, since Indonesia is one of the largest fruit producing country in the world. Unfortunately, the Indonesian people have a level of fruit consumption is very low.

Survey of Socio-Economic National (SUSENAS) 60.44% said that the Indonesian people consume only 1 serving of fruit per day. Consumption of fruits in Indonesia average 40.06 kg / capita / year. Yet, as is known, the fruit has many benefits. One was to keep the cells in order not damaged.

"Healthy body means a healthy cell. And it can be characterized by adequate intake of food, sufficient intake of fluids and electrolytes, vitamins and minerals sufficient for cell metabolism and cell damage," said Oetoro during an exclusive interview, "How to Eat Healthy Fruit "held by Buavita from Unilever.

Processed Fruit

Now eat the fruit can be done in various ways. Made fresh juice or fruit salad. In addition, fruit drinks can be found in this packaging could be a practical choice in consuming fruit.

Oetoro said, drink bottled juice has a similar composition of fiber content but just a different form.

Aseptic technology experts, Ronny Hendrawan also say the same things that consume the fruit has great benefits for health, and how consuming this can be done by drinking bottled fruit juice.

"Nutrient found in fruit juice drinks on the packaging, is still protected," said Ronny at the same event.

Added by Ronny, to find out where the content packaging inside was still good, could be hit by what felt bloated or not. Select a clean package. Since its opening, should not be taken again if it has been more than three days. "Better, beverages consumed directly from the beverage is opened," he said.

Oetoro told, if you choose to drink bottled fruit juice should be noted that there are ingredients in it, and do not forget to consider the packaging of beverages. "Choose a drink of juice in containers with low glucose," he said.

If consumption of fresh fruit that has a cuticle that can be eaten, should not be peeled because the pigments found in fruit skin of the fruit has good properties.

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  1. Healthy is very important for everyone. Right?? :)

  2. mensana enkorporesano.. heheheh.. bener gag iia tulisan saiia ??!?!
    salam kenal kang iia :)

  3. wes pokokke iyo wae.
    rangerti artine

  4. Well me too...
    I gonna eat much fruit so I will look more cute
    But reza do you know that all the fruits and vegetables contain chemical that damage our body. I read it in some blogs. They use borax too.

  5. To get the nice vitamins from fruit, we must to know that we eat is free from pestisida. I thing eat with something more organic are better

  6. Mas, ada gak Fruit yang prevent premature ejaculation. :)

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