Increase Backlink to Your Blog

How to add a lot of backlinksBacklink, is a need to improve our site's ranking in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) or to increase the pagerank of our blog, hehe .. Because supposedly he said, the more backlinks, the greater the pagerank obtained (I say supposedly, because there are blogs that have only 2 backlinks, but got Pagerank 2). Now the problem is, how to multiply or increase our blog backlinks.

These are some things I do to improve / increase the backlinks to my own blog:
1. Dummy blog, at least 30 blogs
I created a dummy blog on blogger.com is not only alone, but also on wordpress.com, sosblog.com, 000webhost.com, free-web-host.me, byethost.com, etc.. Blog this dummy point to provide a link to my main site. I post articles related to the themes on the main blog, then put the link in the arikel.

2. Doing link exchange
What is the most tiring for me, because we have to make a deal first. I do this at DigitalPoint forums. There cool, because there are many people who want to exchange links, especially the similar topic.

3. Promotion of Social Network
Some social networks like myspace and yuwie is a site that uses dofollow backlink. This means that if we put a link to our blog on myspace or yuwie profile, meaning we get backlinks, even one way link.

Yup, I think that's what I did to reproduce backlink. And also a pretty good result, in a few minutes of my posting articles on the main blog can be indexed already in the Google SERP. Then, too pretty to give enough visitors.

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  1. nice tips...thanks


  2. capek bikin backlink...ada cara yg lebih cepet gak?

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  4. Capek juga nih bikin 30 dummy blog. Apa 30 dummy blog ini juga dipromosikan ?

  5. Yaro Starak pernah mengatakan:
    Kebanyakan Blogger Itu Pemalas,
    termasuk malas mencari backlink dan sebagainya.
    Terus bagaimana mau maju kalau malas-malasan?

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