How to Get Lots of Followers on Twitter

How to Get Lots of Followers on TwitterTwitter is the medium most popular Microblogging today. Matre especially the bloggers who rely on twitter for making money and blog promotion respectively. Look for money and promotions in twitter this new course will succeed if we have a lot of follower, right? Now I've got ya tips and tricks on how to get a lot of twitter follower quickly. Some say that the more we follow other people, then the follower we will more and more as well, yep this is true, chances are the person to follow through is about 20%. However, the percentage could increase if we follow my way. There are 5 ways that sopowerful.

1. Follow someone, then ask the people who we follow behind them to follow our twitter
Its success approximately 60%, hehe .. So if we follow 200 people, God willing, we can get 120 followers. Amen ...
2. See some of our follower, and we see their follower, and we follow one by one ...
Remember, we follow our follower's follower (Can you understand?), Because usually when we are follow their followers, the chances are greater if we follow our follower's follower, he would follow our twitter, too. The success rate is 80%.
3. Using twitter follower adder sites
For this please find yourself on Google.
4. Be celebrity
Well that is very powerful, hahaha
5. Be the famous person
Well that is certainly, whether it's successful bloggers, success webmasters, successful internet marketer, president.

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  1. thanks. But i already know that method.

  2. I have twitter but so less follower..it is not easy to become famous if your not an actress

  3. thanks the info, brain storm idea

  4. selamat sore sahabatku Mas Reza, link mas Reza sudah lama saya pasang, link saya ndak nampak disini mas, mohon infokan saya jika mas sudah memasang link saya ya.. terima kasih sahabatku mas Reza..

  5. i am not twitting, i am plurking.. hehehe

  6. I think twitter can help for alexa rank. What about Google PR ?

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