Complete List of Automatic Ping for Wordpress

The easiest and most powerful ways to articles / posts that we publish soon a new indexed search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, etc. is to use Update Services tool, or usually referred to as ping.

By default, WordPress-based blog would have automatically ping the latest articles to a number of search engines like Google.com and Yahoo.com, namely through Pingomatic, http://rpc.pingomatic.com ping address.

If you want to ping to other search sites, you can get a list of url addresses for the automatic ping wordpress blog in wordpresspinglist.

Wordpress ping list is always updating their ping address list. Therefore, usually before publishing a new article, I used to copy-paste the address in the ping wordpresspinglist.com to always get a new ping address. How click "DOWNLOAD THE FULL LIST HERE AS. TXT FILE" at the bottom.

Then, enter ping Update Services box in the wordpress admin, click Settings, then click on Writing.

Very easy is not it?

Nge-ping or automatic update does not necessarily mean going to raise your post SERP rankings that will appear on the first page of search engines, but only tells the search engines that your blog has been updated.

Another benefit is ngeping can help boost visitor / visitors blog

About how the way that our article featured as a top 10 on the first page of Google, many variables were associated in the technique of SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

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