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A few months ago, a free domain name. Tk has been providing facilities 'Free DNS' and free of advertising. You can to your domain DNS settings to your hosting server address. Maybe a free domain name. Tk can be an alternative option besides a free domain name co.cc.

In addition,. Tk also provide free url forwarding facility, so you can shorten the url address of your blog, facebook profile, twitter, etc. to be shorter, such as name-anda.tk. Free Domain. Tk is very special because it contains only 2 letters.

You can get a domain name. Tk you for free at www.dot.tk. However, if your domain is already starting off with only getting less than 25 visitors in 90 days, parties. Tk will cancel your domain name for optional parked with ads that are relevant to the previous content.

If you choose to upgrade at a cost ranging from $6.95 per year, you will become owner of your domain name is legitimate, so you can sell / transfer the domain. Tk you to others.

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