Deleting Files On Last Logon

The default on windows always remember who last used it (log on). If the computer used the common, this trick is a good idea implemented. Because by knowing who's last logon will facilitate the hands of ignorant tinkering with computers and learn activities used before.

Indeed this system is a boomerang windows, from one side we will know who last used the computer, but on the other hand a friend who uses that computer will also know who is using the last time and will know the activities we do.

From the dizzy, you should create these log files are automatically deleted. Here are tips that can be applied.

* Click on the Start button and select Run
* Type Regedit and press Enter or click the OK button
* Look for the following keystring HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\system
* In the right pane, double click on the 'dontdisplaylastusername'
* Change the numbers from 0 to 1, then press the OK button
* Exit from the window registry

From now on it should be, after the computer restarts or turned back, the name of the logon window no longer exists, so that our colleagues do not know who the last time using the computer.

Source: http://aldymy.name/archives/menghapus-file-logon-terakhir/ with translation

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  1. makasih infonya,,, sangat bermanfaat bagi pengguna windows....

  2. that's was very important thing and the poeple should know about complete deleting file on last log on

  3. Siiip, ada ilmu baru. Makasih!


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