Lintong coffee, delicious coffee from Sumatra

I like coffee. But I have friends who are crazy coffee. Hobbies collecting various types of coffee, either from domestic or foreign. Side effects from a friend I'm a fan of coffee is coffee often gets rations. This time I get a chance to taste the coffee of Sumatra, coffee Lintong. Lintong taken from the name of the Lintong Nihuta, Balige District, in North Tapanuli. This includes coffee arabica species. Which is characteristic of arabica coffee is a more delicate taste (mild) but it was thick, has a fragrant aroma and a distinctive sour taste. Coffee is suitable for you who likes to drink black coffee or espresso.

what is lintong coffee, lintong coffe

There is a unique history behind the coffee Lintong. Until now many people in the North Tapanuli reluctant Lintong coffee. They consider it poisonous coffee. Variants of this Arabica coffee were imported by the VOC in 1750. After drinking the coffee that they call in sick stomach, and some have diarrhea. Strangely they are still growing coffee as a main income.

Perhaps the assumption was caused by toxic sour taste produced by the coffee. To reduce the sour taste, we can mix with the type of robusta coffee. For quality issues, we need not worry. Lintong coffee is one of the best coffee the world has recognized. One of the products that take advantage of this is a Starbuck's coffee: Black Apron Exclusives.

We do not have to come all the way to Sumatra to enjoy this coffee. Usually certain cafes or coffee shops also sell this type of coffee. One of them I enjoy coffee, bought at one cafe in Jakarta. And it's hmmm, steady, bitter fit, and not acid. Which would make the spirit of the day, making literacy at night.

notes: coffee contains cafein harmful to health if consumed in large quantities.

Source: http://sauskecap.com/kopi-lintong-sumatera/ with translation

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