Components of a Website

The first thing to learn something is usually the introduction. So did about the website, prior to further study, is useful to know the parts forming a website. Minimal with that we know what part we can handle, and which ones to use the services of others. Or, you know where to been tampered with in Troubleshoting.
In broad outline, to be accessible by the public, a website must have four main components. If humans have a name, body, soul, and homes, so too have a website.

(1). Name of the website, general guidelines of the domain and TLD (Top Level Domain), where this name is Uniq is the same no one in this world. This website domain is welyhariyanto, this site uses tld. Com, so the name of this website is rezafauzi.com. Several other tld is. Net,. Info,. Biz, etc..

(2). Body, in this case is the basic structure and layout so that the website can perform well. The main structure of a website set up by the script html, css and decorated by the background image and icon, in order to process the data dicerdaskan by php, asp, jsp or other. And to make it look more attractive, more interactive and alive, usually a website with javascript and animated pictures and flash. If you are reluctant to learn webprograming, minimum you should learn cms to create a website themselves, such as Wordpress and joomla cms.

(3). Soul, is the function and content related to the website functions, in accordance with the purpose of the website made it. Various kinds of websites in this regard include the website as online stores, websites as blogs, portals, social media, photo albums, corporate profiles, etc., which of course has a different content type according to function.

(4). Home, for hosting a website is to place the files and the database of the website. Hosting here is the server that is connected to the internet, so local servers such as apache on localhost is not a host in a discussion here. So when someone access a website, he actually had access to a computer server connected to the Internet, which has been provided by hosting parties for hire.

It seems that I can always tell. If too much, I worry what will I have to say beyond my knowledge and experience. If there are less obvious, please comment below it.

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