Creating Email With Your Own Domain (Google Apps)

This time I will discuss about how to create free e-mail with personal domain, but the facility is almost the same as Gmail. Well, this article is the response of demand response Equatorial relatives who want Anas peel how to make the email using Google Apps. Google Apps has facilitated the webmasters to create an email using a private domain, there are several types of emails that are offered are: Standard, Education, Non-profits, and the Governmen. But what I suggest is to use the Standard Edition because this facility free of charge.

Maybe we're tired of having email@gmail.com, @yahoo.com or other free email. Perhaps also we even think, have a personal domain but kok use free email. Why not use my own domain name? Do not worry, the Google Apps solution.

Immediately, we discuss how the steps to make a free email with your domain name is...

1. Make sure you have a personal domain name, for example: www.himatika-its.net
2. Open the browser application and then open the address: www.google.com/a/
3. Then click on the link Standard.
how to create email with your own domain
4. After that a new page will appear. Click Get Started.
how to create email with your own domain2
5. Then select Administrator and enter your domain name. Then click the Get Started again.
how to create email with your own domain3
6. The next step you will be asked to fill out a form that has been provided with complete and correct. There are several fields that you can not fill. Then click Continue.
7. Next we will be directed to create an administrator account, the contents of username, password, and captcha. generally used username is admin. Well, after filling out the form please click I Accept. Continue with set-up.
8. The next step you are asked to verify your domain. For example, I use a file to upload HTML-himatika its.net. Then click Continue.
how to create email with your own domain4
9. Next, you will be asked to create a file named googlehostedservice.html containing a particular code. You can see the code when this request is displayed. This file can you make through notepad. After that, upload the file to the root directory of your domain name (/ public_html).
how to create email with your own domain5
10. After the file has been Uploaded, click I've completed the steps above. Then click Launch guide.
11. Next you will enter your Google Apps dashboard. There are some services provided such as Email, Calendar, Chat, Docs, Sites, and Mobile. However, email may be activated facilities first, how to click Active email.
how to create email with your own domain6
12. After that came a new page that asks you to change your MX or MX Record Entry. The way is easy, for example select cPanel. Then you are prompted to enter your website cPanel and change the MX entry to ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM (You can also follow instructions provided).
how to create email with your own domain7
13. After you change your MX Entry please return to this page and then clicking on I have completed these Steps. activation process can take up to 2 days, if you're lucky this process takes only 1 hour. Please log out first.
14. After some time please log back into Google Apps dashboard at http://google.com/a/ourdomain. For example: http://google.com/a/himatika-its.net. Enter your username and password Admistrator we fill the time filling out forms. Then click Sign In.
15. After logging in dashboard. See the status of email service, was already active. This means an email with a personal domain name already can be used.
how to create email with your own domain8
16. To enter into the email message box, please open http://mail.google.com/a/domainkita. For example http://mail.google.com/a/himatika-its.net. then enter your username and password Admistrator earlier. And, open the email successfully. I've tested it by sending and receiving messages aka everything went smoothly smoothly smoothly-only.
how to create email with your own domain9
17. Is it easy? Good luck

* To open the dashboard page, please enter http://google.com/a/ourdomain
* To open a mailbox (email) please go to http://mail.google.com/a/ourdomain
* To add / create an email account please add yourself on your dashboard page by clicking create new users.
* Video is in this article is to illustrate the real, not engineered.
* Do not forget to comment, ok!

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  1. We still use the facility free from Google either email or blog. Not thought to have a personal domain. This is an interesting info and good for our future reference. Thank you very much.

  2. thx 4 share brother
    i need it so much

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