Earth Hour, 1 hour to Turn off electricity, today

Some cities, like Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Medan and cities in Kalimantan (my country, Indonesia) will support the activities of electricity turned off for 1 hour in the Earth Hour event. Event initiated by the WWF (World Wild Fund) will be held on Saturday (27/03) at 20:30 until 21:30 pm. According to the Campaign Coordinator of the Climate and Energy Program of WWF Indonesia Verena, told from Here, if 10 percent of the population would participate in this program, it can save 300MW, and electricity to 900 villages, as well as reducing CO2 emissions 267 tons or equal to planting 267 trees, because trees can absorb 1 of 1 ton of CO2 through the tree of life.

"We counted 78% of national energy consumption is absorbed by the island of Java and Bali, 23% concentrated in Jakarta and Tangerang. 23% of the sector, 33% are households the most electric energy, two industries with 30%, followed by business and commercial buildings 30%, 3% of government buildings and 4% by the public and social facilities. "Verena review, such as the This is quoted from.

Meanwhile, according to the organization represented by Prof. Dr. Thomas Djamaludin assess the Earth Hour campaign is very good, because it can instill in the public learning about the importance of electricity that have an impact on global warming. Especially in Indonesia using water (hydropower), coal and fuel oil for electricity, he added. However, judging LAPAN Indonesian community is also less enthusiastic in welcoming Earth-Hour, because the possibility of Indonesian society is still reluctant to turn off the lights from all the rotating power outages that hamper the event.

Artikel ini merupakan terjemahan dengan google translate, haha..

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