Finally, Blogger Support Template Designer

This has been waiting for blogger users for years, finally reached the time where bloggers also launched the easiest way for users to design their own templates online that are planted directly on the dashboard page. News I have just received from the blogger in draft of course brings a fresh breeze for those who need it to display custom blogs in order to appear more interesting and different.

In addition to adding new features to the template designer, blogger is also happy to provide 15 new template options. There is also available layout options ranging from 1-3 colom column options that can be co-selected directly. And the more fun, hundreds of bloggers also provides background and some ready-made patterns. Let not curious, just look at co-direct the video below:

To be able to try this service, because it is still in the testing phase, as usual peer must login through blogger draft at this address http://draft.blogger.com

This article source: http://www.o-om.com with translation

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  1. saya ngga pake blogger,
    jadi ngga bisa nyoba deh... :)

  2. Keren tuh! Ntar buat praktek blog di blogspotku ah :D

  3. finally i like blogger to much,,thank's for sharing

  4. wow it's nice, but I like wordpress

  5. yah ntuh,, jadi bisa dikit belajar buat template sendiri deh :)

  6. nice info. i have a blog using blogger too. i hve just know there is a blogger template designer

  7. O Great, its A Big news, But is it free or we can get it of some charges:?

  8. Its really a good news for me, i am making my personal blog for jingles and i hope this way will help me a lot in getting hundred percent results, thanks for the post.

  9. wah,... makin keren aja nih blogspot.

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  12. wah nice info mas
    saya mau coba ni bikin blog
    sangat berguna ni mas
    terimakasih mas

  13. sebetulnya saya ingin cobain ini
    tapi saya pake web sendiri
    jadi gak bisa coba
    padahal pengen banget nambah ilmu
    terima kasih atas postingannya


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