How to Add Donate Via Paypal Button

How to Add Donate Via Paypal ButtonFor you who are not yet know what it is Paypal, can read the article "Definition Paypal" which many of them on the Internet, okay? Actually, I've been using the Donate button via paypal, but only time I write this article. By laying this Donate button, visitors can donate money blog via paypal. For example you can see on the blogs of others, I did not install it because I thought it was useless, no one will want to give money to me, haha ..

Well .. to be able to put these buttons, of course you need to have an account at Paypal. To register, you can go to paypal.com. Well .. if already a list, follow the instructions below:

1. Log in with your ID
2. Click the Tools tab Auction
3. Scroll down, click View All Tools
4. Search Product Name Donation marked, and click on Get Started
5. Select Accept Payment for Donation
6. Typewriting Organization Name
7. Select Currency as you see fit
8. Then click Create Button
9. Copas deh given code to your blog

I do not know whether the way he is still like this, but when I made it, how to add a Donate via Paypal button is like what I write here.

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