Using Perfume Tips

Everyone generally likes fragrant. That is why, before going to work or to a party, using perfumes may become mandatory for you. With a fragrant body, will enhance a sense of comfort and confidence of the wearer. What's more when going to meet someone who is important, of course you do not want to leave the impression that bad with a bad body odor. However, prices are not cheap perfume make us be able to maximize the use of perfume that will need this perfume does not drain the pouch. So, what needs to be considered when using it?

When will use the perfume, you may notice the following things:

*Adjust with body lotion
After a shower, maybe you're used to using a body lotion. When will wear perfume, adjust the fragrance from body lotion to match each other so that the fragrance does not "collide". In addition, you should use a body lotion before spraying perfume because it can reduce body lotion scent of perfume
*Spray perfume on your skin
Instead, the perfume is not sprayed on clothing. On a certain type of perfume, when sprayed on clothing can cause stains, leaving marks like water droplets exposed to long periods of time.
*Spray perfume on the correct body part
Body parts should be sprayed perfume is the inner wrists, inner elbows, backs ear, chest and neck. Using perfume in these places make the fragrance of perfumes last longer.
*Do not rub the skin finished spraying perfume
This custom is most people use perfume on the inner wrist and rub both wrists. This would actually eliminate the smell of perfume. So, let the perfume dries on its own.
*Do not use accessories or jewelry before using perfume
When exposed to spray perfume, accessories or jewelry can make you wear a color change. The result accessories you no longer look attractive.
*Use reasonable care perfume
Using excessive perfume can make people who do not like to be dizzy. The use of perfume can be customized with skin type. For dry skin you need more perfume sprays. Meanwhile, when your skin is oily, just spray a little perfume
*Save perfume in the right place
The price of perfume is not cheap so would be unfortunate if the perfume you yawn because it is not closed properly. So, make sure your perfume closed tightly. Save the perfume in cool, dry place and avoid sunlight. Note that in the long term perfume can change. Then adjust the size of perfume fill your needs, so that perfumes are not stored too old and no longer turn a fragrant aroma.

Using fine perfume, of course will increase confidence. Besides enjoying the fragrant perfume for yourself, people around you too can enjoy the fragrance as well and they'll be glad when close to you. By using the exact perfume also save them correctly, you can use to save your perfume.

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