Tips to clean the face properly

Tips about how to clean the face properlyClean face one of the activities we have to do each day to have the facial skin clean and healthy. Dirt on the face can clog pores. Dirty face can cause acne or blackheads overgrown face that can damage the appearance. In order to clean your face, you need to know how effective cleansing.

Face Cleaning Tips

Having a clean face in addition to beautify the appearance is also good for health. How do I clean the face? Here are tips on cleaning the face.

* Wash your hands, so that the dirt on the palm of your hand can be disingkarkan. Dirty hands get dirty even make a face.
* Wash your face with warm water. This helps make the pores open so dirt can be better spent. Then dry with a towel.
* Use a facial cleanser and use direction by forming a circle on the face. Leave it for a while, about 1 minute, then drain by using a small towel or tissue.
* After cleansing the face is cleaned, use cold water to wash his face. The goal is that facial pores closed again.
* The last step in cleaning is to use a facial toner. Cotton that has been moistened with toner and then tap-pat in the face.

It was not difficult membersihakan faces. But sometimes feeling lazy that attack or a less effective way to make the face clean is not perfect and ultimately occupied pimples or blackheads. However, by taking a little time, you can find cleansing techniques.

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