New CPM - Put the Aeesy Banner, Earn Dollars

The name of the program is Aeesy Media. Basically, you just install the script banners, ads will appear on your blog, and we get paid based on pageviews valid even without the click, or we call it "impression". What are the requirements to get a valid page view? It's a bit difficult, because aeesy only accept traffic from some countries, like Australia, England and USA. Minimum payout is 5 Euro.

How do I get money in Aeesy?
1. Sign up at AeesyMedia and do not forget to register on paypal, as payment method. In addition to Paypal, you can also receive payments through MoneyBookers, Alertpay, and Bank Wire.
2. Submit your website and add a few settings to suit your site.
3. Put the code, and click verify.

I've earn $3,36 after register there 3 days ago, I hope tomorrow can request payout. Of course if you have a lot of traffic, you will get more money.

Please register at http://aeesy.com. Thank you.

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