Fox News, They're Lying Without Stop About Islam

A posting poll results from Public Religion Research Institute earlier this week showed a strong correlation between 'trust in Fox News and negative behavior "of the Muslims.

A site "think tank" in America Think Progress show even chart to help illustrate how the major focus of Fox News against negative portrayal of Islam.

The situation was considered serious. A conservative would probably remark that this only shows that other networks - which is not Fox - still quite polite in the face of threats "Islamofasis".

The problem is that a lot of news about Islam made last year's Fox News network does not focus on the actual facts, but marginal ideas about Islam in the U.S. who are fast becoming permanent features of the culture war right-wing groups.

Fox News has spent much time in the past to reinforce baseless conspiracy that most of the mosque is radical, and that the Obama administration had been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, also Muslims in the U.S. tried to implement Sharia law.

Last year, the debate on the proposal of establishment of Islamic community center just a few blocks from the WTC rubble Fox News presents the opportunity to step on the gas, hawking the news product.

In the show, which broadcasts, Fox News accused the priest who tried to implement Sharia, has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood or the Muslim Brotherhood.

Yet a fundamental brotherhood among Muslims is much different from the Muslim Brotherhood opposition group in Egypt. But Fox News is considered to fool viewers by emphasizing the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's hard-line group is.

Do not stop there, Fox News also said the Islamic community center project in Manhattan that will be funded by terrorists.

The situation in Egypt was also struck with a similar attitude by Fox in keberdaan Questioning the Muslim Brotherhood. However, given the not so powerful conservatives united in this issue, it arose more balanced coverage of the protest than ever before.

Notwithstanding that, in the news about Europe, Fox News channel is still considered quite reliable.

The main problem is not on Fox News viewers who heard and saw many negative things about Islam. They have heard many things wrong about Islam, according to the Washington Post commenting on the poll.

Fox, considered to have 'spread' of a 'alternate reality' that continue to depict Muslims as a community with potential dangers, foreign and worthy of suspicion.

For example, Fox is not proportional to use terms that reflect a negative view of Muslims is more often than its competitors.

And when these terms are used, they often become part of the story spread hatred and fear against the possibility of 'evil' Muslims, such as the desire to apply sharia law or conduct terrorism plot. Some examples are as follows.

- Guided Bill O'Reilly on 13/1/11: "The American people need to know what goes on in Muslim communities - in our country, because we do not know really. Many of these are closed communities, it may be. We do not know.

- Legal Observers Fox, Peter Johnson Junior 7/2/11: "You have to check on scientific research on this issue over the years - whether democracy and Islam are in line? Most of the scientists in the field have said, they are not compatible. "

- Fox and Friends' Brian Kilmeade 15/10/10: "There are certain groups of people who attacked us on 11 Septmber. It's not just one person, it is a religion. Not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims. "

So, the poll concluded, the audience - a Republican Majority sympathizers - always think they get real news about Islam, but what happened was the opposite. That is the worst part, because of the kind that, once entered into the system of understanding someone, it's hard to be revoked.

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