Egypt, a Week Without Mubarak

Egyptian opposition youth movement has invited the Egyptian society to carry out demonstrations in the center of a million power Roundabout Tahrir, Cairo on Friday to mark one week without the Egyptian president, Hosni Mubarak.

"The revolution is still not finished. It will soon be over after all the Egyptian people's demands are met and the implementation of a stable democratic system has started,"the statement said an organizer of anti-government protests, 6 April Youth Movement, which dropped Mubarak from power.

Resigned as president Mubarak of Egypt on Friday (11 / 2) after mass protests during the 18 days that occurred in Cairo on January 25, and quickly spread throughout Egypt, causing 350 people were killed and about 5,500 others injured.

High Military Council which took power after the fall Mubarak of Egypt has pledged to implement reforms in a democratic and fair elections held in September.

Egyptian opposition parties continued to press the country's transitional government to meet their demand of jailing corrupt officials as well as revoke the status of the state of emergency that has been applied in Egypt since Mubarak came to power in 1981.

The most influential Muslim groups in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood who have been prohibited from conducting by Mubarak said that they would join the rally Friday.

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