South Korea, Champion of Uber Cup 2010

Uber team from South Korea became champion after defeating China's team. Victory 21-19, 14-21 and 19-21 are inscribed Lee Kyung Won / Ha Jung Eun of Du Jing / Yu Yang made the South Korean won 3-1.

From direct observation of the Putra Stadium, Kuala Lumpur, Saturday (15/05/2010) afternoon local time, the struggle between Du / Yu the best doubles world number world of cons Lee / Ha, which ranked 11 of the world, running fierce especially in the third set.

For an hour and 18 minutes, the fight finally finished with a victory for the South Korean partner. This means that South Korea became Uber Cup champions for the first time in the history of the beat the champions 11 times, China, which also winners of six successive editions.

Du / Yu started the game in the first set is by obtaining the prime numbers. Advantages that will be maintained and they quickly winning 10-4 over Lee / Ha.

Point by point and then direguk Lee / Ha. South Korean pairs managed to equalize the score at 15-15 position, even ahead for the first time that this set could not be returned Ha smash your opponent to make the score became 16-15.

After that the two couples involved in the fight a lot and chase each other score. After reaching game point, finally achieved the victory of China after the smash Yu couples can not be returned opponent. Du / Yu led 21-19 in the first set.

Direct fierce duel again present at the beginning of the second set. Lee / Ha then began to widen the advantage after adding point by point until the 13th, while holding Du / Yu to score five.

Yu managed to smash two missed cuts China into 11-15 couples. Pts continually added and then make mistakes Ha Du / Yu finished behind only 14-15.

Lee / Ha wash up and back point by point to maintain excellence. After reaching point game since beating the opponent only end up on the net, Lee / Ha ensure victory in the second set 21-14 thanks to the failure to return the shuttlecock opponent.

The third set went straight a lot. China's first points in the pair achieved even after his opponent should not fall up. But South Korean couples can quickly equalize the score at 2-2 positions.

Tight battle in the initial set of three is a description of how intense the fight and then walk. Both couples were all fighting each other with numbers alotnya and practical more often can only add one point by one point only.

Korean couples just starting to widen the road after a draw 14-14. After that, point by point to be achieved ahead 19-14, after a few moments before the players of China requested a break to do a little maintenance on his elbow.

Du / Yu had missed the cut to 19-20, but later Lee / Ha finally ensure the victory after the opponent fails to return the shuttlecock.

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  1. Indonesia uber team unfortunately lost and excess technique uber Korean players are worth and deserve to be champions, congratulations to our uber players who lost. hopefully that will come can be a champion

  2. Congratulation for Korea!
    Hope this winning inspire Indonesia Team on Thomas Cup will do their best tomorrow.

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