In the Middle devoutness of Ramadan, Israel Attack Gaza

The Israeli military returned to the attack in the Gaza Strip, Palestine, on Thursday (18 /). This sudden attack occurred in the town of Rafah, southern Gaza, as citizens of the middle of breaking the fast.

"Due to the heinous attacks of the Zionists, a boy and the six adults were killed. Domestic residents were not spared from the Israeli military savagery," said Abdillah Onim, MER-C Branch Chief of Gaza, Palestine, Friday (19 / 8).

Besides in southern Gaza, Zionist military also attacked the northern Gaza, near the construction site of the Hospital Indonesia (RSI) in the district of Bait Lahiya. "While the volunteers and workers to do the casting at night (Thursday night), the sound of rockets and gunfire sounds obvious," said Wahidin, one technician MER-C are now serving in the Gaza Strip.

Wahidin pleading prayers of the people of Indonesia may not happen this Saturday night the things that are not desirable. "May the Indonesia team of volunteers who were in a construction site RSI is not bothered by Zionist Israel," he hoped.

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